Senior Backend Engineer Node (M/F)

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Job description

We are looking for our new Senior Backend Engineer, you will work within a team composed by 32 developers dispatched in 7 Squads.
We are an open and dynamic team, we collaborate a lot across transversal subjects.
We take care of each other and communicate a lot through all the organization.

Our stack is built on NodeJS with NestJS, written in Typescript.
Our Database is a Postgres.
Prisma is our ORM.
We use BullMQ with Redis to communicate events through our stack.
We use Github Action as our CI/CD.
We test our code with Jest.
We monitor our releases with Grafana (Loki, Prometheus).
We deploy on Google Cloud Platform on Kubernetes with Docker. Our repo is a part of a monorepo, and we use Nx as our build system. The other main project is in ruby.

Missions :

Develop and maintain new features on the brand new Billing Engine.

  • Participate in the improvement of the organization, processes and standard of the tech team.

  • Mentor other team members.

  • Become a tech referent on one or more tech perimeter or feature.

  • Work with other team members (or teams) during code reviews, pair programming, architecture designs.

  • Participate in the growth of Combo !

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