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🎯 The Data Scientist would be joining Paradox at an exciting point in time. We are investing in building a solid data platform to enhance internal access to data, and at the same time we wish to widen the aperture of possibilities to external applications of data in our products and processes.

This position will be part of the Product department and will work closely with our AI Product Manager with the mission to develop our Product Vision and our AI Strategy. You will report to the Head of Product. For reference, the Product department comprises three different divisions:

  • Product Management: user centric new product development and existing product development.
  • Learning: constantly refine our andragogical approach and create the learning content for our various products.
  • Research & Innovation: Advance scientific research on the psychological concept of self-realization, scientific dissemination. Research (non-scientific) and test how new technologies can empower our business and our students.

This role’s mission is to leverage a variety of data methodologies to enhance our user’s learning outcomes. You will start by clearly defining the problem space and formulating hypotheses on how to leverage ML-driven solutions to solve our students’ problems, making use of AIaaS for agile prototyping.

You will also collaborate with the learning team to develop learning analytics that are relevant to our company and our students.

Your missions:

  1. Building working prototypes connecting different API and services together to respond our students problems
  2. Develop fully fletched data driven tools to empower our users
  3. Develop the Learning Analytics dashboards and predictive models
  4. Together with your team, develop AI product roadmaps and timelines
  5. Propose solutions and strategies to tackle business challenges

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