Lead Data Analytics Engineer

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🎯 Your mission’s purpose is to to support decision making across the organization. It’s a cross functional role to build and grow the Data team. You work closely with different departments and executives to analyze and identify patterns and be a subject matter expert for all things data across the organization.

Acting as Lead Data Analytics, you will design, evaluate and test data infrastructure. You play a role in our data governance across the company.  with departments and executives to define and analyze metrics and patterns that will help drive business decisions.

1 | Lead our DataOps transformation with best-in-class tools (such as DBT)

  • Design, build, and launch collections of sophisticated data models and visualizations that support multiple use cases across all departments, all products, and all states.
  • Leverages existing data infrastructure to fulfill all data-related requests, perform necessary data housekeeping, data cleansing, normalization, hashing, and implementation of required data model changes. Analyzes data to spot anomalies, trends and compare similar data sets.

2 | Lead Dashboard creation & ensure efforts are put on the right data

  • Develop and maintain dashboards for monitoring KPIs and quality indicators.
  • Document and train people to use the visualization tools in order to democratize data.

3 | Analyze datasets to uncover trends, patterns, and insights that facilitate help in decision making (help guide the strategic planning, use existing data to forecast future performance)

  • Analyzing data using statistical techniques.
  • Providing key insights to business stakeholders to facilitate strategic decision-making.
  • Exploitation of user data (on-site behavior, market, marketing campaigns, etc.).
  • Assistance in carrying out various ad hoc analysis (trade, marketing, finance, PR).
  • Participation in the design of models (segmentation, scoring, 

4 | Streamline our existing processes & Provide best-in-class solutions for all teams

  • Work closely with each team to understand their requirements/frustrations and provide strategic solutions.
  • Identify inefficiencies and provide workable and scalable alternatives.
  • Understand the full scope of how various systems fit into core business functions.

5 | Create and maintain detailed documentation

  • Create and maintain documentation on metrics and how they are measured so everyone understands and uses the same measurements and logic for metrics.
  • Create and maintain documentation on dashboards, sources for dashboards and SQL queries where necessary.

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