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Foodles, it's the canteen but better: simpler, more generous, and more convivial! Thanks to our proprietary connected fridge technology, we provide our customers with fresh, seasonal meals at affordable prices. We automatically detect the dishes that are taken from the fridges and charge the guests accordingly. We are a leader in our market in Europe with nearly a thousand clients throughout France and a presence in the United Kingdom.

Your mission :

Your team's mission is to ensure every customer receives the correct meal by deploying and integrating advanced algorithms developed by the Data Science & Analytics team. You focus on developing robust and efficient supporting code that facilitates seamless operation of these algorithms in production environments. In collaboration with the Demand Planning team, you also create user-friendly tools that enhance operational efficiency and user experience.

To achieve this mission, your team undertakes the following key activities:

  • Build and maintain the data platform: Ensure robust infrastructure for data management and accessibility.
  • Develop and maintain supporting code for algorithms: Create and sustain the essential codebase that allows algorithms to be effectively implemented in production environments. We prioritize software engineering best practices, ensuring our code is reliable, scalable, and maintainable.
  • Manage data jobs orchestration: Coordinate and streamline the execution of data processes to optimize workflow efficiency.
  • Provide clean data ready for analysis: Deliver refined and accurate data to support effective decision-making and algorithm development.

Some of the projects that we have on the roadmap for your team are :

  • Fully automate our dispatch algorithm (currently there are still human modifications once the algorithm ran).
  • Conceive and develop crystal clear data models to help analyze our supply algorithm and process from menu creation to meal distribution.
  • Improve our ETL and algorithm pipelines by leveraging AWS lambdas
  • Develop and deploy new tools to drive the supply on our counter offer (attended sale) like we do it with the fridge (unattended sale).

Technology is a cornerstone of Foodles' success today. The key to this success lies in our ongoing focus on balancing code quality with deployment speed; we are both rigorous and pragmatic.

We are dedicated to developing the best products for our users. To achieve this, we rely on the following two fundamental principles:

  • A short feedback loop: We deploy changes frequently and engage in continuous interaction with our users. This allows us to iterate rapidly and deliver value incrementally.
  • Data analysis: We monitor overstock and stockout situations, which are our principal supply success metrics. These metrics enable us to prioritize our development efforts and evaluate their effectiveness retrospectively.

Your future work environment :

The team’s composition will be the following :

  • Two Senior Software Engineers
  • One Data Engineer
  • One Analytic Engineer (which we are actively looking for)
  • A Product Manager

The tools that you’ll use on a daily basis are :

  • A modern data engineering stack: Dagster, Fivetran, DBT, SnowFlake.
  • A backend oriented software engineering stack: python, Django, Odoo, Postgres. Pandas (we do quite a lot of it).
  • Top tier solutions to collaborate on our codebase and monitor our production: Github / Circle CI / Codecov / Datadog (logs & APM) / Sentry.

If you want to have a more precise understanding of our stack you can have a look at those slides : https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1G_n8vE8D7tiTeb9Q-dTK_qlwSOZmqRcX5mYRjj2-Drg/edit?pli=1#slide=id.p

We use the shape up methodology to make sure we invest the right amount of time in each of our development. Our cycles span over six weeks and are followed by a two week cooldown period during which we focus on the technical roadmap.

Your responsibilities

  • Write and review code with high quality standard.
  • Monitor the performances of the various pieces of the stack api endpoints, algorithms, data pipelines, datawarehouse and improve those performance if they are not at the suitable level.
  • Organize technical discussion around projects to make sure everybody on the team is aligned on the best technical solution.
  • Collaborate with the Data Science & Analysis team and the Demand Planning team to craft the roadmap of your team.
  • Manage four team members.
  • Foster a culture of continuous improvement on both technical and organizational matters.

Ideal Candidate Profile:

You are the Lead Developer we need if you recognize yourself in the following profile:

  • Graduated from an engineering school with at least 5 years of experience in a similar position
  • You possess significant experience in backend software development.
  • You are proficient in several programming languages and are enthusiastic about working with our technology stack.
  • You are curious and know how to step out of your comfort zone
  • You prioritize writing code that is simple, well-tested, and easy to maintain by others.
  • You are skilled at providing and receiving constructive feedback within the team.
  • You take full ownership of your projects from conception through to release and ongoing production support.
  • You are prepared to join a team that primarily operates remotely.

It's a plus if:

  • You are familiar with solving problems through constraint optimization
  • You have previous experience in the Food or logistics sector
  • You have some basic knowledge in data science

Recruitment Process:

  • Call with the CTO
  • Remote technical test to be completed within 1 hour
  • Interview with the CTO, a lead developer, and a developer
  • Interview with a Foodles Founder
  • Reference checks

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