Senior Front-End Engineer

Description du poste:


We are looking for engaged and passionate Senior Front End Software Engineer to join our growing Engineering Team.

Your mission @ Aircall:

  • You will join the Engineering team to work on Aircall’s customer-facing product: web applications built with React and Typescript. It’s based on an in-house design system and strong coding conventions.
  • This team focuses on adding key features to our web applications. It’s responsible for enriching our UI library and providing a great developer experience, among other exciting topics.
  • You will be involved in:

  • Working closely with the Product and Design teams to build the best UX for our customer
  • Contributing to improving our design system by building new reusable components
  • Building tooling for a more robust and faster development process
  • Working alongside backend developers to mitigate cross-team dependencies
  • Helping in building a more frontend-friendly GraphQL API
  • Our front-end stack:

  • React, TypeScript, Styled components, Apollo.
  • Jest, React Testing Library, Chromatic, Cypress.
  • A release management process based on Gitlab CI
  • A little more about you:

  • Engineer profile with at least 4 years of experience in front-end development.
  • Shipped and maintained code in production.
  • Proficient in Javascript. Proficient in React and Typescript is a bonus.
  • Write unit and integration tests to ensure code quality.
  • Familiar with building strong and scalable state management systems. Redux or Mobx are bonuses.
  • Familiar with CI/CD process-based or at least know about undefined / SRE philosophy
  • Sensibility for UI and UX.
  • Business centric, able to listen and understand the best ideas from all over the organization.
  • Like sharing your ideas and you're open-minded. You can set a vision that others are excited to get behind.
  • Prefer simple solutions and designs over complex ones, while keeping long term scalability in mind
  • Able to communicate in English.
  • Bonus points:

  • Experience investigating and improving Javascript performances
  • Experience with WebSockets, Local Storage, or ES6
  • Experience with Design Systems
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