Senior Software Engineer (backend, Django)

Description du poste:


Working at GitGuardian, you will join a 50 Engineers team, organized in 3 tribes. Each tribe includes complete development squads (with a Lead Software Engineer, backend, fullstack and frontend Engineers, QA, PM, Designer) and with all experience levels (from junior to staff). You will be managed by a Lead Software Engineer.

  • Doing hands-on software development

  • Working closely with other highly-skilled developers

  • Working with an agile methodology with your Product Manager and your Lead Developer on 2 weeks sprints releases

  • Maintaining and ensuring an excellent quality of developed code

Depending on your preferences and the team you will integrate your mission may be vary:

  • Backend web development, private and public api

  • Full-stack python / react to work on user facing dashboards

  • Backend / SRE, working on on premise solution for big tech

  • R&D to analyze the performance of our algorithms in specific cases, suggest and implement improvements

  • R&D to develop our next generation of code security scanners from scratch to production

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