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At BlueLabs we're combining the buzzing world of sports betting with modern tech and a great engineering culture. We own our multi-tenant sports betting platform end-to-end. It consists of tens of microservices in a handful of decoupled domains, orchestrated by a terraform-provisioned Kubernetes cluster, achieving high scalability thanks to an event-driven architecture based on Apache Pulsar. We follow modern CI/CD and agile methodologies to deploy into production multiple times per day and use Datadog to monitor our infrastructure and applications.
We're now looking for a Senior Software Engineer to join our Offer Team. The main deliverable of our team is a stream of betting opportunities. Whilst we are currently consuming pre-processed sports and betting data from third-party data sources, the mid-term goal of the team is to gradually shift to a model where we have less reliance on third-party data sources, meaning that the full life-cycle of the betting opportunities will be managed in-house. We primarily use Akka Cluster with Cats and Monix, but we already have a couple of services written in ZIO and are looking towards using it more in the future.

  • Write scalable backend services with strict requirements for low latency
  • Collaborate with software engineers, product managers, and designers in an autonomous, supportive team environment
  • Solve problems in a highly technical platform that is onboarding tens of thousands of new players every month
  • Take part in our on-call rotation every few weeks — we build it, we run it
  • Improve our planning, development, and deployment processes to help you and your fellow team members
However, that's not all! At BlueLabs, we encourage you to contribute wherever your interests take you — and shape your role and our product accordingly.

The compensation range for this role is €50,000 to €80,000 annually, depending on your skills and experience. We encourage you to read our Recruitment FAQs for further details. In addition to the monetary compensation, we provide several perks, including a shiny new MacBook 16" M1 Pro or Linux laptop.

Job requirements
  • BS degree in Computer Science or similar technical field
  • 2+ years of professional software development experience. Either JVM or a purely functional programming language experience is required. Scala experience is not mandatory, but you will have to implement our recruitment coding challenge in Scala and we expect idiomatic solutions from every candidate
  • Deep interest in functional programming
  • Good knowledge of concurrent programming, as well as distributed systems
  • Good knowledge of microservice architecture, message-based communication, and stream processing

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