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Shine’s Engineering team

At Shine, we build the pro account that changes the daily banking and administrative life of business owners (freelancers, professionals, SMBs). The FinTech market is one of the most challenging, so we need to build the most reliable, scalable and user-focused code to insure the best experience possible to our community, as well as a robust architecture to keep growing.

To ensure real impact and ownership for our 60 engineers, they are divided into 6 Tribes:

  • The 4 Product teams create fresh new features on large scopes (client acquisition, user experience, administrative copilot, and banking subjects).
  • The Platform team handles the underwater (Cloud infrastructure, undefined, Core APIs, developer tools).
  • The Data team designs efficient data pipelines (Data Engineering, Science and Analysis).

Regarding our stack, our architecture is organized in microservices and cloud functions, and we are using React, React Native, Node.js, TypeScript, GraphQL, CircleCI, GitHub Actions, Kibana, Docker, GCP.

In the context of Shine’s scaling, we decided this year to split the Platform tribe into 3 squads, each focusing on specific aspects:

  • Infrastructure/Cloud (infra-as-code, networks, observability)
  • Core Services (authorization, authentification, Shine Connect…)
  • Developer Experience (internal tools, documentation, CI/CD


Joining our Platform team means 👋

As a Senior SRE, you would help us shape our new Infrastructure/Cloud squad, which will be responsible for Shine’s long-term infrastructure vision and governance, by managing and maintaining the infrastructure and observability stack, with a focus on reliability and state-of-the-art practices.

Here are missions in which you can take part:

  • Taking care of the Infrastructure-as-Code pipeline and core components.
  • Maintaining our Kibana stack and ensuring it stays up-to-date with our needs and stack.
  • Providing a proper monitoring solution that exposes system metrics and provides alerting solutions.
  • Choosing the right computing solution for Shine's future.
  • Ensuring that Shine's infrastructure follows the best security standards.
  • Defining processes around infrastructure changes to make sure they are bulletproof.
  • Mentoring other developers on Site Reliability Engineering.


It's a match if 🤝

  • You have expertise in Infrastructure-as-Code, ideally with Terraform.
  • You feel at home in a Cloud environment, and you know about GCP.
  • You have an extensive experience in maintaining an observability stack (logs, metrics), whether with Kibana, Grafana, or Prometheus.
  • You have a good appreciation of architectures and know how to manage microservices.
  • You are comfortable in a Javascript/TypeScript environnement, and you have some security knowledge.
  • You want to learn as much as you want to teach, and you are enthusiastic about teamwork.
  • You give a lot of attention to details in your work.
  • You stick to Shine’s values 💛


Life at Shine ✨

Before anything else, joining Shine means being part of a great human experience in a company driven by amazing values toward people and ecological matters.

However, we do believe that caring is not only about giving autonomy, responsibility, and encouraging proactivity. That's why we offer:

  • 💰 A fair and transparent salary: between 70 and 90K€ for this position, depending on your level (column “Software engineer”, level E or F), your seniority, your number of dependents and your location.
  • 🏆 A Shadow Shares program covering 12.5% of your gross annual salary, as well as a profit-sharing bonus equivalent to 7.5% of your gross annual salary.
  • 🏠 A flexible and remote-friendly environment: you can work from anywhere you like in Europe and benefit from a 550€ monthly budget to come to the office in Paris.
  • 👩‍💻 1 freelancing day per month. The perfect occasion to put yourself in a Shine’s user’s shoes (Shine premium is offered to help ofc).
  • 👪 A second parent leave extended to 8 weeks + 3 days of parental leave for sick child.
  • 💚 Healthcare program 100% covered by Shine for you and your family.
  • 🎶 Culture budget: 275€ per year to buy books or listen to music (Spotify, Deezer…).
  • 🤸 Sport pack: 300€ per year to subscribe to gym, sport competitions...
  • 🌴 ~35 days of holidays for everyone, including 8 to 12 RTT days/year.
  • 🏝 1% salary bonus in June to enjoy your holiday.


You wonder about our hiring process?

1️⃣ A 45’ first call with Mathieu (Talent Acquisition Specialist - Tech), to get to know each other and tell you more about Shine.
2️⃣ A 60’ exchange with Olivier (Engineering Manager - Platform), about your tech experiences and the position we are offering.
3️⃣ A 60’ architecture exercise to assess your technical skills, with Olivier and another member of the Platform team (among Manu, Paul, and Léo) + a 45’ cultural interview to give you more context about Shine’s values.
4️⃣ An immersion day for you to understand Shine’s culture, meet the team and introduce our tech with a business case.

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