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Back-end and DevOps Lead


Job description


🎯 Your main mission is to be a subject of matter expert for all things Back-End and DevOps across the organization.

1 | Lead the development of the Microservice architecture using AWS services

It can be painful for a team to track a customer or find a specific transaction. We built a place to track all of these. And we want to upgrade it to the next level.

  • Manage all transactionals data and aggregate different third party tools to feed a data lake.
  • Discuss, challenge and validate architecture choices with the team when implementing a new microservice.
  • Document Technical choice (Architectural Decision Record).
  • Define priorities during the spring based on the team and the goal for the sprint.
  • Act as a technical reference for the team.

2 | Prepare the team for scaling and get your seat belt fastened!

  • Prepare and plan software deployment strategies, you are in charge of the delivery pipeline using AWS.
  • Monitor the system and make sure it’s running smoothly using Observability best practice. 
  • You are ready to make decision that will benefit the team on the long run but you are also careful with details.

3 | Development of our own cloud-based learning platform and mobile app that will reach and inspire millions of people

TECHNICAL STACK (Open to grow according to your choices) đŸ’Ÿ 

  • You will find mostly Javascript for our micro services (Node.js with Typescript, yes we like clean code!) and PHP for one of our API.
  • We recently migrated our stack on AWS to enjoy modern managed solutions. We currently use monitoring services such as Cloudwatch, Lambda functions, RDS databases.
  • We choses to go with an event driven architecture using RabbitMQ hosted on AWS. We use docker when our functions don’t run with Lambdas!
  • Project management is done using Atlassian tools (Jira / Confluence).
  • That’s not all, we are currently separating operational data from data for reporting in order to provide clear and relevant data to the company and we chose to work with best data tools such as DBT, Snowflake and various ETLs.

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