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Our Team

A team of passionate individuals who love to learn, innovate, renew themselves, test new technologies, and are enthusiastic about peer programming and peer review. We are a motivated team dedicated to designing the best platform for the restaurant industry.

You will be joining a multidisciplinary team focused on the platform, from framework updates to obscure third-party communication.

Your Role

In coordination with our existing DevOps team, you assemble and maintain the entire architecture that keeps the service running for our clients, as well as the elements that allow the development team to safely integrate their code all the way to production. Platform stability is your goal, automation and agility are your tools, and an incident-free week is your reward.

Key Missions

  • Monitoring production from cluster to application level
  • Writing and maintaining CI/CD pipeline
  • Deploying new environments for edge case testing
  • Custom scripting to link various elements of the infrastructure
  • Investigating performance issues, pinpointing sub-optimal queries, etc.
  • Joining the firefighting team in case of outage

What we're looking for

  • 3 years of experience in a similar role (Sysadmin, DevOps, ClusterOps, SRE)
  • Master's degree in IT
  • You are adaptable, you like to communicate, solve problems, and you are proactive and creative
  • Good knowledge of cloud providers (especially AWS)
  • Familiar with Docker, load-balancers, APIs
  • Your are comfortable with at least with one programming language (Bash mandatory + Python or Go…)
  • You are fluent in both French & English (read, write & speak)

You'll be our rockstar if

  • You have used ECS clusters and RDS databases using CLI
  • You know haproxy and its acls
  • You have worked with CI/CD pipelines using Github Actions or Jenkins
  • You can read and review code in PHP/Laravel, NodeJS, Java, SQL
  • You can bring us new ideas in general SaaS architecture (Message bus, micro-services …)

Recruitment process

  • Step 1: Meet & Greet with the Talent Acquisition Manager
  • Step 2: Meet & Greet with the VP Engineering
  • Step 3: Case Study with the VP Engineering & the Lead DevOps
  • Step 4: Cultural Fit Meeting with 2 members of the Tech & Product team
  • Step 5: Meet & Greet with the CPTO

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