Devops Engineer

Description du poste:


Job description

We are looking for someone who can:

  • Develop the undefined culture within the organization ;
  • Accompany developers in the implementation of their IAC ;
  • Evolve in a collaborative environment (Agile, fail-fast) ;
  • Setting up application supervision (monitoring and alerting management).

The technical stack : 

  • Environment: Linux, WIndows ;
  • Scripting: python ;
  • IaC : Terraform, AWS CDK ;
  • CI/CD: CircleCI, Gitlab Github Actions ; 
  • Version control system: Github ;
  • Container: Docker ;
  • Monitoring: Datadog ;
  • Cloud: AWS.


  • A professional yet friendly and stimulating work environment ;
  • Opportunities for personal development in line with the company's growth (training, conferences, etc.) ;
  • Work on applications in a spirit of quality ;
  • We are one of the leading PropTech platforms in Europe. If you have already rented or bought a property, you may have used one of our classifieds portals. Now is the perfect time to join us and help elevate our AVIV brand ;
  • The opportunity to work in a hybrid environment within our business area with international travel to our locations in France, Belgium and Germany ;
  • The autonomy to work in the style that suits you best to be the most productive ;
  • The freedom to tell us what tools you need to succeed in your job so we can set you up to do so.

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