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Edge & Node stands as the revolutionary vanguard of web3, a vision of a world powered by individual autonomy, shared self-sovereignty and limitless collaboration. Established by trailblazers behind The Graph, we’re on a mission to make The Graph the internet’s unbreakable foundation of open data. Edge & Node invented and standardized subgraphs across the industry, solidifying The Graph as the definitive way to organize and access blockchain data. Utilizing a deep expertise in developing open-source software, tooling, and protocols, we empower builders and entrepreneurs to bring unstoppable applications to life with revolutionary digital infrastructure.

Edge & Node acts on a set of unwavering principles that guide our journey in shaping the future. We champion a decentralized internet—free from concentrated power—where collective consensus aligns what is accepted as truth, rather than authoritative dictation. Our commitment to censorship resistance reinforces our vision of an unyielding information age free from the grasp of a single entity. By building for open-source, we challenge the stagnant landscape of web2, recognizing that true innovation thrives in transparency and collaboration. We imagine a permissionless future where the shackles imposed by central gatekeepers are not only removed, but relegated to the dustbin of a bygone era. And at the foundation of it all, our trust shifts from malevolent middlemen to trustless systems, leveraging smart contracts to eliminate the age-old vulnerabilities of misplaced trust.

The Business team is a highly-focused group of web3 pioneers pushing the industry to greater heights while onboarding the next billion web3 users. Supporting a global ecosystem (and having a blast doing it), we develop and execute on business strategy, create communications, manage partnerships and support participants of The Graph Network. Ensuring a healthy, happy ecosystem while fostering meaningful relationships with the community is as essential as to us our morning matcha lattes. The business team comprises Business Development, Partnerships, Solutions Engineering, Marketing, Brand Building, GRT Relations, and Finance/ GRT Relations. 

We are looking for a motivated self-starter and driven individual who can thrive in a dynamic and sometimes undefined environment, and who doesn’t mind reaching out and getting to know people/projects that he/she has never met. A person that is passionate about Web3 and familiar with The Graph. Someone who is committed to using business expertise to support business growth, ensure an excellent experience for users of The Graph, and being okay with not getting a yes the first time...and not giving up. This person must be excited about driving the organization's growth and success. Someone who is personable, enjoys meeting new people and developing partnerships with top business leaders, both in the blockchain and traditional worlds alike. Ideally, this person will be permanently located in San Francisco, CA or in the surrounding area.

What You’ll Be Doing

  • Understanding the landscape of all of The Graph’s ecosystem participants between L1 Blockchains, L2 Blockchains, subgraphs, and dapps.
  • Building and maintaining relationships with top protocols, dapps, and relevant companies in the crypto space
  • Staying on top of partners’ upcoming events and product launches and supporting where we can
  • Developing and maintaining positive and effective partnerships and purposeful relationships that are relevant to the implementation of The Graph’s Web3 and multi-blockchain strategy
  • Identifying projects using subgraphs and being proactive in making the most out of those relationships
  • Coordinating the execution of integration/collaboration initiatives and working with Solutions Engineers to guide them to completion
  • Managing top accounts paying for queries in the decentralized network, as well as converting hosted service users to paying users on the network
  • Educating new dapps on how to migrate to the network, as well as ensuring they have an excellent experience throughout the entire process
  • Ensuring all issues that come up for existing users of The Graph are addressed properly, efficiently, and that users have a good experience throughout the process
  • Helping to facilitate internal and external group events (online panels/meetings, conferences, off-sites & all-hands), meeting agendas, logistics and follow-ups
  • Helping with the business strategy and thinking long term
  • Helping to identify high level partners to bring into the ecosystem as power users

What We Expect

  • Excellent communication and writing skills
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, and ability to maintain strong relationships
  • Strong cross-cultural skills and versatility in dealing with different types of partnership
  • Proven track record in successful sales, business development and managing Institutional relationships
  • Detail oriented and data driven, problem solving and multi-tasking skills
  • Organized and diligent in task management
  • Independent and creative thinker
  • Action oriented
  • Experience working with Web3 or blockchain companies or similar, preferably in a BD capacity
  • Have a solid understanding of The Graph, relevant blockchain technology, overall blockchain ecosystems, projects and communities
  • Personal integrity with an honest and open personal style
  • Approachable, with an ability to engage partners at all levels
  • Ability to close deals in an efficient and friendly way
  • BS/MA degree in Business, Communication or related fields

About The Graph

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