Senior Frontend Software Engineer (x/f/m)

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Job description

Your role

As a scale-up, Hublo is facing multiple and ambitious challenges in the Engineering team and is looking for a Senior Frontend Software Engineer.

As a seasoned frontend developer, you will help our team deliver key features on our front-ends and your priorities will be quality, scalability, maintainability and robustness.

The #1 objective of our Engineering team is to build a fully integrated suite of interconnected tools to make the daily life of millions of healthcare professionals easier everywhere in Europe so they can fully focus on their main purpose: patients.

Joining Hublo will simply give you a unique chance to be part of that journey!

Your missions

  • Evaluate and improve front-end code-bases by contributing to our best practices
  • Write and maintain code of high quality, testable and tested, participate to code reviews and maintain our design system
  • Help, mentor and teach other developers by passing your knowledge on to them and by promoting good practices among developers teams
  • Provide solutions to mitigate technical debt
  • Enrich our set of front-end code quality tools
  • Propose new ideas of design/architectural improvements

Our organization and our stack

We focus on recent technologies with a constant need for improvement and optimization. It also means a lot of autonomy within teams and collective decision-making. The Engineering team is divided in 4 squads and 3 chapters and here are the details of our stack:


  • When we design our web app, we use NextJS with TypeScript and React Query
  • When comes the time for testing, we use: react-testing-library with jest


  • When we write our API, it’s with NestJS and TypeScript
  • When accessing our databases, we use Prisma
  • And when testing, we use jest (and we love dependency injection)


  • We use Github to store our code and our CI runs on Github Actions
  • We use SonarCloud for quality purpose (80% coverage, rough but fair linter, …)
  • We store our data mainly in Postgres
  • We’re hosted on AWS, deployed with Terraform

Our Engineering culture and values

  • Getting Stuff Done: we value the fact that “Done is better than perfect”. We are ambitious and we never take no for granted.
  • Ownership: we encourage everyone in the Engineering team to be result-driven and to take ownership and initiative. We are convinced that by encouraging everyone to take ownership will help us make decisions thoughtfully, responsibly, and with more care.
  • Quality: we want to get things done without sacrificing quality. We’ve put great importance on testing our code and cleaning it. We also value mistakes because we know that we can learn from them to avoid them in the future.

Perks & benefits


Our team members are our #1 asset! We offer them great perks so they feel good about working for us!

  • A fair and competitive salary package with an attractive equity plan (“BSPCE”) 📈
  • A tailor-made onboarding program to discover Hublo’s organization, products and teams 🔍
  • A flexible remote working policy 🏡
  • RTT 🌴
  • A daily meal plan (Swile) 🥗
  • Health insurance plan (Alan) 🩺
  • Access to thousands of gyms and activities, through our partnership with Gymlib 🤸🏼🏋🏻
  • Macbook environment 💻
  • Free coffee, snacks and a budget allocated to managers for small team events ☕
  • A CSE that places the interests of our employees at the heart of Hublo’s concerns 🥇

Office & Team Life

  • A dynamic and multicultural team of 10+ nationalities 💥
  • The ability to work in several locations: Paris, Sophia-Antipolis, Cologne 🌆
  • Yearly offsite (long week-end in the French Alps or Portugal just to name a couple) ☀️
  • A chance to contribute to improving the healthcare system in Europe ❤️

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