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We are looking for a Product Manager to join the Alternative Payment Method squad of Mangopay. There are many Payment methods in the market : Buy now pay later, local means of payments, Google Pay, Apple Pay,... The objective is to understand those trends and usages to offer the most adapted portfolio to our clients with a smooth and scalable way to integrate it. You will be in charge of the conception of features adapted to MANGOPAY’s clients and end users and the performance of the means of payments portfolio.

This role will be an exciting combination of strategic vision, steering and delivery of the roadmap. You will have the chance to join a top class squad to build amazing products for the market in an agile and empowered environment.

You need to be a leader and a coach - inspiring, coordinative, structured and catalysing. At all times understanding and representing the team and your stakeholders - driving prioritization, creating clarity, and enabling efficient decision making is key.

As a PM at MangoPay you will mainly focus on 3 main missions : 

  • Build an ambitious roadmap for the APM squad and manage it all over the year in an agile environment :
    • Understand strategic objectives of the company and the market we address being directly in contact with users, clients, partners and internal stakeholders to build design scalable features. 
    • Build an ambitious and data oriented roadmap aligned with OKRs.
    • Prioritize and pilot efficiently the roadmap to secure the achievement of OKR.
    • Empower squad around this vision and the roadmap.


  • Conceiveand design new features for our customers :
    • Capture needs from customers we need to serve, understand Persona, user journeys and problems they face with a data driven approach.
    • Design new features and create best in class solutions.
    • Test new features on the market and measure adoption and adapt the solution if needed.
    • Scale features that met their market.
  • Deliver quality and value :
    • Develop the culture of test & learn, agility and data.
    • Always try to raise the bar to ease the work of your stakeholders and accelerate.
    • Create strong relationships with key stakeholders, clients and partners.

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