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Descriptif du poste

The opportunity

We are looking for a undefined/SRE profile who will design and implement the Pigment infrastructure for tomorrow. Pigment is a technically challenging platform. It calculates and synchronizes large datasets that must be updated in real-time. Data come from client models that can be up to millions of rows. This data can be pivoted, transformed, and aggregated on-demand through our formula engine while rendering live on our front end.

Here are the challenges to be tackled as an SRE engineer:

  • Define and build the infrastructure needed to answer our performance challenges, automate it, and make it scalable. In particular, ensure that the infrastructure scales in and out according to the platform usage.

  • Secure high availability and redundancy of the Pigment platform.

  • Ensure that the platform’s performance and correctness are monitored accordingly, spread observability best practices across the engineering team.

  • Participate in incident response.

  • Answer the challenges a growing engineering team meets every day: secure a short development loop, maintain our CI/CD pipelines, participate in the definition and implementation of our testing strategy (e2e tests, unit tests…), maintain a safe release process with a very high frequency (up to multiple releases a day).

  • Accompany Pigment geographical expansion as the company grows and we sign clients overseas.

  • Work with our security team on the implementation of their roadmap when related to infrastructure and development pipelines (code repository, credentials management, …)

  • Continuously chase inefficiencies within our development practices and pipelines. Seek improvement and automation wherever possible. Drive change across the software engineering team.

In addition to SRE responsibilities, we expect you to participate in software developments activities and to be embedded in a team. The ratio between SRE and development activities would have to be defined based on your skills and affinities as well as project opportunities (expect roughly 20-30%). Indeed, we believe SRE engineers should work closely with software engineers and understand their day-to-day, rather than having two teams work in silos.

Last but not least, you will not be alone! you will be part of an SRE team.

Our Engineering team

Our Engineering team is responsible for developing our SaaS platform and building a comprehensive and user-friendly product.

Pigment engineers participate in the entire application development lifecycle, focusing on design, coding, and keeping the production platform up and running. They can be specialized, but there is no strict separation between the infrastructure, backend, and the frontend.

We value user-centricity and pragmatism: we choose the most relevant tools for the problem we have to solve, understanding the strengths and constraints of each technology.

Our engineering culture also values curiosity, humility, trust, ownership and team spirit.

Technical stack:

  • Kubernetes (GKE, hosted on Google Cloud Platform): hosting all our infrastructure components except PostgreSQL, hosted on Google Cloud SQL
  • Terraform: all our infrastructure is managed via this infrastructure as code (creation of GKE clusters, Google Cloud SQL databases, GCS buckets, IAM permissions…)
  • Databases: PostgreSQL, SingleStore, ElasticSearch
  • RabbitMQ
  • Others: CircleCI, ArgoCD, Istio, Github, Docker (for local development)
  • Backend: Microservices written in C# ASP.NET Core 6 (running exclusively on Linux)
  • Frontend: React + Typescript, Jest, Cypress, Vite…

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