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Job descriptionYou will join the Infrastructure team composed of 3 people: Fabien, our SRE Lead, and Bastien and Louis, our undefined engineers. The goal of the SRE team is to develop and maintain the infrastructure and technology tools on a daily basis:AWS and other cloud infrastructures Kubernetes, its Service Mesh and GitOps tools GitHub CI/CD Data tools, such as Kinesis Analytics, Redshift IOT infrastructure (Greengrass, … ) Your main objective is to equip the engineering team with modern and reliable tools, while ensuring the resilience and security of the infrastructure. You will also be expected to promote best practice and ensure the quality of what is produced.We believe that by being closely organised with the infrastructure team, data engineers will be able to make changes more regularly, and with closer support.As a Senior Data Engineer, you will be autonomous in your position and will be able to challenge your team. You will also be responsible for implementing and ensuring the application of best practices within the team. You will be managed by Tim, our VP of Engineering.Your main tasks:Designing business intelligence architecture and data pipelines Create tools and documentation to enable scientists, analysts and other developers to connect, transform and store data Ensuring that data ingestion and storage tools are efficient and resilient. Shaping the way data is moved, stored and analysed Handle multiple data topologies, from simple user-generated data to IOT sensor streams Continuously improving the infrastructure of a fast-growing business, delivering innovation while keeping the lights on Lead and be challenged by a team with a strong spirit of trial and error and a thirst for challenge Promote good practice within the team

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