Product Strategy Analyst

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Job description

The position is open in EU and UK.

What will you be doing ? 

  • The Product strategy analyst will be part of Product strategy team and report to the Product strategy Lead. Within Product Marketing, Product strategy is responsible for deeply understanding and analyzing our environment (competitors, customers, internal capabilities …) in order for the Product to build the most impactful roadmap.
  • Within Product strategy, you will be fully in charge of competitive intelligence and customer intelligence, 2 very strategic topics in the company (interactions with marketing, sales, product marketing, product). As you’ll be the first member of the team, you’ll be deeply involved in building our processes. You’ll become an expert of the Fintech / Payment ecosystem.
  • You will be responsible for delivering structured, relevant and digest content regarding :
    • Competitive intelligence (we drive market and competition knowledge through the company; we are the gatekeepers of our differentiation)
      • Identify key moves from our competitors (via news screening, events, interviews …)
      • Follow main changes in the industry
      • Analyze these trends impact us
      • Share results with relevant stakeholders
    • Customer intelligence (we aim to be the overarching voice of the customers)
      • Collect needs from customers and prospects (via internal feedback process, interviews, RFP analysis …)
      • Analyze, prioritize and make sure they are understood by product teams
    • Economics: create dashboards to showcase the performance and business plan of the company (volumes, margin per segment, geographies, …) to facilitate product roadmap prioritization
  • This role is based in our Paris office (up to 4/5 remote days)

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