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Senior Engineering Manager - SRE - Paris, Montpellier, Fullremote 🇫🇷 - F/M/N


Job description

😎 Your future position

Swile is looking for its SRE Engineering Manager to join our Innovation Team!

Engineering at Swile is about designing, building and operating the most reliable and scalable worktech product.

Every day, we perform an average of 92 deployments in production. To achieve this, the Platform team offers technical foundations and enablement to support feature teams autonomy regarding our “you build it, you run it” way of working.

Quality, excellence, and agility drive our platform product delivery and you will help us level these up.

Your future missions will be focus on :

  • Manage a distributed team of Site Reliability Engineer spread over France and Brazil. Ensure teammate wellness and growth.
  • Animates team life, rituals and federate people on a common purpose and identity (esprit de corps, sense of belonging).
  • Own the team’s roadmap (vision and delivery accountability). Anticipate stakeholder needs, game-changing technologies emergence, and challenge scope/deadlines.
  • Drive the technical vision and it’s day-to-day delivery. Ensure control of technical debt and promote quality practices even further.
  • Keep your team aligned with our high developer experience quality obsession. Embodies our motto regarding feature teams autonomy enablement: “You build it, you run it”.

Curious about your future Platform team? Learn more about:

🚀 Your future impact

We are convinced that everyone matters. Everyone at Swile has a huge impact on our Business Strategy. And what will be yours?

🌎 Your impact on Swile

▪ Support business expansion, reliability and scalability
▪ Make developers impact even more faster, reliable and efficient while building and running our software
▪ Drive strategic initiatives like post-merger infrastructure convergence
▪ Operate cost efficiency

👫 Your impact on the team

▪ Be a strong technical leader who gives direction and unites the strengths of the team
Helping your team member to progress and fulfill their career objectives
▪ Have an impact beyond your team: Evangelize internally and externally(become a reference on Platform topics: contribute to open source, communities, conferences, blog posts)

🥇 Your future team / stakeholders

🎯 Your team

▪ Attached to the Infrastructure tribe, you will join our Platform Team as the Engineering Manager. Your team is engaged to design, build, secure, and operate our infrastructure platform

🏢 Organization

▪ At Swile, the Innovation department (150 tech) is divided into feature teams spread over our 5 Tribes 🦾
▪ You will be part of the Infrastructure’s tribe and report to Edouard, Engineering Director for Platform, DevX and SecOps teams
▪ Our technology is mainly made up of web developers experienced in Ruby for back-end, JS Node & React technologies and frameworks for front-end and BFF, full swift iOS mobile side and full Kotlin Android
▪ The Swile platform is made up of several web applications and micro-services, each of which has its own database and API. Our infrastructure is hosted on AWS and described in Terraform and Kubernetes
▪ Joining Swile means working on a service with very high potential, which is deployed internationally and which involves real technical challenges: scalability, user traffic, B2B2C, payment…

🎯 Key stakeholders

▪ You’re working closely with other Tech teams (Feature teams, Corporate IT, Data engineering, Security, DevX, etc.) to craft and operate efficient, reliable, and scalable environments for customers and Swilers

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